Saturday, July 15, 2006

A song, yet to be named

A Concept Album

A sun-tanned face, blistered heels,
This little girl, her insides bleed
A tear stained face, writhed in pain
Pressed against the cold window pane.

Staring across at the overcast skies
Remembering silken words of blatant lies
A promise of love, a promise of life
Tomorrow she'd be sold to grief and strife.

Prison walls spring up from the moist earth
Wring out the last strains of childish mirth
The world outside shuts a thousand eyes,
While she to a man's will complies.

A few hundred nights of solitude past
A pang of desire pricked her heart
To let not her life go unwitnessed
Which with love nor hate she had led.

The wrinkles in her heart must be undone
In all her dreams she saw her son
A smile on his lips, kissed her brows
While half her bed lay at the whorehouse..

Cranberry Delight

A Concept Album

A scented night of cranberry delight
I first saw the ocean of life
Sailed with the breeze over the calm waves
Images of breast-shaped tides, navel and curves.
Eyes wide open, I submerge
Among psychedelic colours and weeds,
I find you hidden away in a coral cave.
Oh, woman of the night, for you I crave!

Way down in the sandy blue depths
A faint beam of sunlight caresses a blade of leaf
Waking it up from days of neglect
The submarine weed now stands erect!
The windows break open
A haze of pink tender lips and glazing fingernails
Black cascade of hair, sweaty bodies blend,
Moments later, I lay spent..

Dreamy eyed smiles and soft candlelight
On that night of cranberry delight
I was a river gushing from a mountain spring!

Friday, January 27, 2006

Deja Vous

I lie down on the grass,
Gaze up at the sky.
A little white cloud drifts gently
Across the frame of my glass, now blue again.

Today was a day of deja vous,
I flipped tracks on the CD player,
The songs changed but I heard nothing new,
Memories of the future linger on!

The piano stands still in a corner of the room
A witness, not a silent one
To the rantings of an aching soul, her son
She shows him a path through the wall.

Big black clouds stain the glass,
But these are the clouds of certainty.
Drops of water fall,
Washing off the stain, the pain..

-Vishnu (2005 AD)


Into my ears the sweet music crept,
The sad song of a mermaid who wept.
She stood by the sea in solitude
Grieved by the sight of man's servitude.

Outlined against the scarlet sky
Was her overt body and her eye,
I fell in love but in former time,
Love, sweet love was held a crime.

A pearl of tear fell on the sand
As she bid farewell to my land,
Back to the sea glided the mermaid,
And came to an end the sweet Serenade.

-Vishnu (2000 AD)